The transformational change that we seek is focussed on key financial parameters of growth, profits, profitability & working capital utilisation.

The Implementation Mechanism

The implementation mechanism aims to quickly capture gaps in the company & rapidly build a mechanism to deliver measurable (financial) results, which are not only sustainable but also embed an enduring new culture into the company, beyond the scope of the project. The phases are

  • The Diagnostic Phase undertaken to observe, understand & internalise the "current operating paradigm" of the company. This involves an end-to-end "walk thru" & engagement with people across the company & top to down across the hierarchy.
  • The Engagement Phase seeks to further draw out select members of the management & finalise a "current state map" of the company. The current state map is then used to verify the applicability of our proven templates, strategies & applications to the current situation.
  • The Communication Phase seeks to communicate & seek consensus with the "top management" on the gap between the "current state" & the desired "future state". A detailed "strategy & tactic tree" detailing the "roadmap" to bridge the gap is also presented.
  • Training Phase based on the gaps analysed, training is imparted across divisions & hierarchies to instil knowledge & skills of the "new paradigm". These training sessions are comprehensive & ongoing, sometime taking weeks & months until skills are internalised. A "core lean team" is also formed to drive the entire implementation.
  • Implementation phased & sequential implementation is carried out across the various divisions. We work hand in hand with our clients on the shop floor, diving into the smaller details & improvising solutions to implementation obstacles. A review process is also put in place to periodically measure & report progress or the lack of it.
  • Review & Course correction regular & periodic meetings are held with the middle & the top management to "take stock" of the ongoing implementation. The impact is monitored & tracked against preset "measures" & the gaps if any are flagged off.