This transformational change is brought about by a robust ground level implementation process supplemented by continuous coaching & on-site training.

Our Engagement Process

What We Deliver - Our Value Proposition

At the core of the value proposition that we seek to deliver to our clients are the "Twin Philosophies" Of Lean & Theory of Constraints (TOC).

TOC takes on the fundaments precepts of lean as its bedrock & builds further on them. While Lean was developed in the automobile industry for Hi Volume, Repetitive Manufacturing, the TOC philosophy has modified & adapted Lean principles for use in industries with diverse manufacturing environments.

The salient features of our transformation initiatives are

  • Challenge Silo mentality We seek to put processes & measures into place that challenge "silo mentality" & stimulate people to think beyond their immediate environments.
  • Foster a Holistic & synchronised approach Our solution elements seek to build a holistic approach encompassing all functions / divisions across the enterprise & ensure engagement & synchronisation across the supply chain
  • Develop fit We seek to understand & internalise the unique environment of each client & deliver a fit with our solution elements.
  • Enduring value We seek to deliver, tangible, enduring value. Far beyond the written clauses in the contract.