Dr. W.Edward Deming ( 1900 - 1993 )


Create constancy of purpose for continual improvement of products and service,
... allocating resources to provide for long-range needs rather than short- term profitability, with a plan to become competitive, to stay in business, and to provide jobs.

Deming, the legendary inspiration behind the Japanese industrial miracle. In post war Japan, with the nation and its economy in ruins, his teachings showed the most practical way to rebuild. He preached a discipline defined by mathematics and steeped in concepts of group cooperation and teamwork, which blended nicely with traditional Japanese culture. His trademark concept of continuous improvement rather annoying to quick-fix-minded Americans was also welcomed by the conscientious Japanese, who understood they had a long way to go.

His name remained virtually unknown in the United States until the late 1970s, after American business superiority had been dealt a series of near-fatal blows thanks to the worldwide oil crises and powerful competition from Japanese business.

Deming was one of the originators of TQM (total quality management) & the originator of the 14 point deming management method. In many ways his teachings laid the foundation for evolution of the famed Toyota Production System or Lean as it is popularly known.